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Filter by host/scope in Dashboard Issue Activity

Isaac | Last updated: Jul 17, 2020 10:20PM UTC

Issue activity currently offers ability to filter by issue severity only. Would like to have the ability to filter displayed issues by host and scope at a minimum. The filter behavior elsewhere in burp can be referenced as an example.

Uthman, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jul 20, 2020 09:09AM UTC

Thank you for your recommendation. I have registered your interest and this thread will be updated if the feature is implemented. As a workaround, you can search for a specific host using the search bar. This should filter your results to display only that host.

Isaac | Last updated: Jul 22, 2020 12:22AM UTC

Thank you for your reply. I do used the search bar to filter to a single host, but this only works for a single host. To my knowledge there is no way to handle multi-host. A "In scope" option would mostly solve the problem I think

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