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Files get corrupted when using "Paste from File"

stayathomehackr | Last updated: Oct 12, 2023 06:01AM UTC

In Burp Repeater, if I open a blank repeater tab and use "Paste from File", the file gets corrupted if there are two new lines in a row anywhere above the file. To demonstrate: - Open a new tab and right click "Paste from file" and choose any file - Send to comparer - Make two new lines in a row above the file - Send to comparer - Compare the two files and see that they are very different, even though they look the same in the request This happens regardless of if the new lines were in the document before pasting in the file, or if they are added after. This does not happen if the tab with an image in it has been sent to Repeater from Proxy or Intercept. It can also be solved by manually inserting 0a 0d 0a 0d into the Hex tab instead of typing or pasting in new lines

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Oct 12, 2023 07:50AM UTC

Thanks for getting in touch. Can we check a few details with you, please? - Which version of Burp are you currently using? - Which option do you have selected under Settings > User INterface > Inspector and Message Editor > Character sets? If this is not set to 'Recognize automatically based on message headers', does changing it to this setting alter the behavior you are seeing?

stayathomehackr | Last updated: Oct 12, 2023 10:30PM UTC

You're right - The file doesn't get corrupted when I unselect 'Recognize automatically based on message headers'. Thanks very much for your help.

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