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Failed to create project file within shared folder on Virtualbox

Roy | Last updated: May 09, 2016 01:11PM UTC

Hi I'm not able to create a new project when I specify that the location of the project file is within a shared folder on a Kali VM on Virtualbox. Specifying another 'local', location the creation of the project file successful. However, when created within a shared folder I receive the following error: 'Unable to access Burp File /root/*location* - Invalid argument' Although the project file is created at the specified location, it is 32KB of all 00 bytes. The result is that I cannot use the new project format within shared folders. Any help is appreciated.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 09, 2016 01:37PM UTC

Burp uses memory-mapped files to load projects, and some OSs don't support mapped files over remote file shares. Virtualized shared folders are often implemented using SMB file shares. If you can't make your OS support mapping of shared folders you'll need to use a project file on the local guest filesystem. You can copy it to the host or elsewhere when you finish working on it.

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