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Extension API on edited HTTP Responses (IHttpListener, IProxyListener)

Federico | Last updated: Jan 13, 2022 02:33PM UTC

Hi! I'm experiencing an issue with edited HTTP Responses and Burp Suite extensions. I'm working on an application that signs HTTP requests and responses. I created a Burp Suite extension that resign request and responses, in order to be able to intercept those requests and responses and tamper them. Signatures are regenerated by my plugin and applied to requests/responses in order to avoid breaking the application. While this approach works correctly for HTTP Requests unfortunately, it does not work for edited responses. In fact if I trap a HTTP Response and edit it, the original response (and not the edited one) is passed to the extensions of type IHttpListener and IProxyListener. This behavior in my opinion is not correct because in order to let extensions be as much effective as possible they should work immediately before HTTP Requests and HTTP Responses leave Burp Suite. This way it is not possible to inspect or to tamper response modifications executed by the user with the Proxy tool and manual tampering on responses when encryption or signing mechanisms are in place become much more difficult. Thank you for your help! Federico

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