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Enterprise local IP

Nana | Last updated: Mar 23, 2020 02:02PM UTC

Hi, I have installed Burp enterprise on AWS. The localhost IP is different to the internal IP assigned by AWS. I was wondering where within the config on the OS can I change the localhost to a specific internal IP. Thanks Nana

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 24, 2020 09:49AM UTC

Hi Could you tell us a bit more about how your current Enterprise Server setup and more background about what you need to change, please? How far you have got with the installation? Have you been able to activate the license yet?

Nana | Last updated: Mar 24, 2020 10:19AM UTC

Hi, The installation is on AWS Lightsail instance. AWS assigns and internal which and doesn' tie directly to 'localhost'. What I want to do is identify within the Burp configs on the server replace all references of 'localhost' with the instance's assigned internal IP. Can you confirm which of the installation / app config on the server has 'localhost' in the parameters? Thanks

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 24, 2020 03:01PM UTC

Hi Would you be able to send us some screenshots of your machine setup (e.g. interfaces and hosts file) and confirm the OS and specifications of the machine, to help build a better picture of your setup, please? You can email them to support@portswigger.net Have you completed the installation at this stage? Which components have you installed on this server, is it just the Enterprise/Web server or will it also host the database and agents?

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