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Edit the price of a product within requests

dan | Last updated: Jan 11, 2022 02:45PM UTC

Hello: I edited the amount of a product correctly on a site and went to the payment stage, but after paying at the price I had set, a message appeared saying that the payment was unsuccessful but the money had been deducted from my account and the order registration failed. What security barrier can cause this fake price ordering operation to fail? (Is it possible that hashes were used?) **I edited the amount inside requests Using burp suite.And i did not saw any thing like auth:--- to know is the hash used or no!

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jan 12, 2022 09:39AM UTC

Hi, Our support service is here purely to answer technical questions about Burp Suite and trying to identify the security implementations being used by a specific site is really beyond the scope of our service, I am afraid. We will leave this post here in case anyone from the wider community would like to engage and add anything to this.

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