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Does Burpsuite work on raspberry pi 4b/3b

aloneskid | Last updated: Nov 02, 2021 12:33PM UTC

Does Burpsuite work on raspberry pi 4b/3b i have so many doubts about burpsuite for arm64 platform especially raspberry pi 1.firstly my question is what is the reason for burpsuite is not pre-installed on raspberry pi's kali linux? Normally all famous tools frameworks are pre-installed on raspberry pi's and other architectures but burpsuite is not pre-installed Does burpsuite for arm64 platforms have any bugs problems or issues? absolutely we can install on raspberry pi kali linux by apt package manager thats ok .I think burps on arm64 have problems when i open up browser on burp its show some error messages thats ok. 2. Does burpsuite work on 32 bit kali os?.Does it work on 3b or older version? 3.Does burpsuite pro work on raspberry pi? 4. Can we expect any update or bug fixing for arm64 architecture (raspberry pi 4)? 5. And finally does all options in burpsuite that are normally available for normal pc/laptop (amd64 architectures ) work on raspberry pi (arm64 architecture) ?. These doubts are main doubts about burpsuite for arm64 architecture Please reply these all doubts because i cant find answer anywhere thats why i asked directly.So please answer a these questions above I know burpsuite is dedicated for pc/laptop (amd64 architectures ) and its difficult for supporting low end cpu and mini pc like arm64 architecture/raspberry pi.So thanks for developing burpsuite for arm64 architecture/raspberry pi too its very useful Again thanks for supporting burpsuite for arm64 architecture ????❤️

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 03, 2021 08:29AM UTC

Hi, Burp is currently not supported on Linux based ARM64 machines - we do not ship ARM64 compatible binary files for either the JRE (included in the installable version of Burp) or the embedded browser. You might be able to get Burp to run on a Raspberry Pi 4 by using the standalone Jar file version of Burp and the existing/compatible version of Java on the machine (this would get round the issue with the JRE) but the issue with the embedded browser will remain. We do have some work in our development system to address this so I will add your interest to this work. We can then update this forum thread if and when we implement support for Linux based ARM64 architecture. In addition, to confirm, the later versions of Burp are also not supported on 32-bit machines (this has been the case for nearly three years).

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