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Disable Infiltrator payloads with ease

Andrej | Last updated: Jun 22, 2018 08:40AM UTC

As part of Active Scan, I know I can fine-tune heuristics to disable Infiltrator for some individual issues. However, I need to sort by Detection Methods, and open each of them to check if Infiltrator is enabled, and then disable it. I can't search for Infiltrator in the search field. Since during most assessments Infiltrator may not be deployed, would it be possible to have a checkbox saying Enable/disable Infiltrator heuristics globally? Thanks

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jun 22, 2018 10:14AM UTC

Hi Andrej, Thanks for getting in touch. There are no specific Infiltrator payloads; it works off any payloads that include a Collaborator ID, such as External Service Interaction. So there's no need to turn Infiltrator off when you're not using it.

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