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Delete temporary files after scan using temporary project

Luqman | Last updated: Aug 05, 2022 02:26AM UTC

Burp suite does not delete temporary files after the application is closed. Where is burp suite's temporary files directory after scanning? This makes my space less.

Luqman | Last updated: Aug 05, 2022 02:34AM UTC

I am using Windows 11

Liam, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 05, 2022 06:15AM UTC

Thanks for your message, Luqman. 1. Ordinarily, this prompt should only appear if you have (a) terminated a Burp instance abnormally; or (b) launched more than once Burp instance concurrently. If you don't do this, then Burp should automatically clean up any redundant temp files during the shutdown of one instance or the startup of the next one. 2. You can configure this within Burp at User Options / Misc / Temporary files location.

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