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Create permanent burpcollaborator payload

Bo | Last updated: Mar 24, 2020 07:19AM UTC

Hi, I've deployed my private burpcollaborator server and it works well. Is there anyway I could create permanent burpcollaborator payload? Everytime I open Burp burpcollaborator and click 'copy to clipboard', it'll generate a new payload and I don't know if/how long the old payload will expired. After I close the collaborator client, my server still get queries but I can no longer poll datas. This is very confusing when testing bugs like XXE. What I want to do is insert payload like `blablablabla.mycollaborator.com` into XML poc files, and everytime in every project I use the same poc file, don't need to change the domain inside. Is it possible please?

Uthman, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 24, 2020 09:28AM UTC

Hi Bo, Can you take a look at the Handy Collaborator extension in the BApp Store, please? - https://portswigger.net/bappstore/dcf7c44cdc7b4698bba86d94c692fb7f It will allow you to generate custom payloads for the collaborator. There is not currently any way to generate a permanent payload since the payloads are either automatically generated (using the generator in the Collaborator Client) or you can create them yourself (using the Handy Collaborator extension).

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