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moorene | Last updated: Jan 06, 2019 03:53PM UTC

Hello tell me please if im setup a huge site to crawl with crawl limit 300 minutes, it scan first unauthenticated and tell me please after 300 min it stop the scan ? or it go to authenticated scan and after 300 min up it stop ? Because im think that the crawl does crawl good because im need authenticated items and im think it stop every time unauthenticated :( Sorry for bad English, im have you just understood my question.)

Liam, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jan 07, 2019 08:21AM UTC

If you set the crawl limit to 300 minutes, once it reaches the limit it should start to perform the Audit phase of the scan. You are seeing the crawl stop when the authentication breaks? You can use the Logger++ extension to log the requests and responses sent by the crawl and audit: - https://portswigger.net/bappstore/470b7057b86f41c396a97903377f3d81

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