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Context Menu Sometime Not Workig In Release - 2022.7.1

L4bRAT | Last updated: Jul 27, 2022 03:00PM UTC

Hi Team, I recently updated to Burp Pro v2022.7.1. I noticed that sometimes the second level context menu don't work. Steps to reproduce: 1) Intercept a request 2) Then right-click to get the first level context menu - This works well! 3) Then click on any of these sub-menus -> Scan, Extensions, Engagement tools, Don't Intercept Requests, Do Intercept 4) No Second level context menu appears. Not sure what's the frequency of occurence of this issue.

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jul 28, 2022 09:08AM UTC

Hi, Are you able to create a video demonstrating this behaviour and send it to support@portswigger.net? I am struggling to reproduce the behaviour that you have described so I can only assume I am missing some precise detail so it would be good to see exactly what you are doing when this occurs. Would you also be able to send us your diagnostic information (via the Help -> Diagnostics main menu option) so that we can see the exact setup that you are using?

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