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Can you remove the two click-throughs on loading Burp, or let me set defaults?

Jamie | Last updated: Jun 21, 2018 10:17PM UTC

When I open Burp in OS X, I have to click through two screens - the first for project creation/load (defaults to 'Temporary project'), and the second the config loader (defaults to 'Use Burp defaults'). I would love have both those be configured defaults & avoid the double click-through before Burp is in a usable state. (The second screen does have a 'Default to the above in future' which doesn't seem to do anything - separate bug report filed at https://support.portswigger.net/customer/portal/questions/17349916-os-x-config-loader-default-to-the-above-in-future-does-not-stick.)

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jun 22, 2018 09:14AM UTC

Hi Jamie, You can skip those screens if you create a shortcut that passes a --project-file command like argument. Unfortunately, it's not possible to skip them if you want a temporary project.

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