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Can't make more than one Markers in applyMarkers

El | Last updated: Jul 20, 2023 11:31AM UTC

Hello there! I need to make 2 markers in one issue, But while I try to make two markers, I get this error: "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid offsets: the list should be in sequence and offsets should not overlap." Even though both markers aren't in the same place. This's how I handle the matches: "def _get_matches(self, response, header): matches = [] start = 0 reslen = len(response) headerlen = len(header) while start < reslen: start = self._helpers.indexOf(response, header, True, start, reslen) if start == -1: break matches.append(array('i', [start, start + headerlen])) start += headerlen return matches" But when I try to make more than one marker using applyMarkers in doPassiveScan i get that error: "if matches: details_string = "<br>".join(details) issues.append(CustomScanIssue( baseRequestResponse.getHttpService(), self._helpers.analyzeRequest(baseRequestResponse).getUrl(), [self._callbacks.applyMarkers(baseRequestResponse, None, matches)], "Deducted", details_string, "Deducted", "Deducted", "High", "Firm"))"

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jul 21, 2023 09:04AM UTC

Hi Could you tell me the version of Burp that you are using? Could you output the start and end indexes from the range for each marker you've attempted to apply?

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