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Can't gracefully close BurpSuite when detaching and reattaching Collaborator window

dudez | Last updated: Aug 30, 2023 07:45PM UTC

I'm experiencing this issue every time i detach the Collaborator window and i reattach it later on. Since this issue arised for the first time, now every time i start BurpSuite the Collaborator tab is detached and hidden: however, in this state i can gracefully close BurpSuite. As soon as i choose to show the Collaborator window from the "View" menu AND reattach it to the main window via right-click => "Reattach tab", i need to "Force Quit" BurpSuite to actually close it, else it stays open. Also resetting the tabs to the default state doesn't solve the issue. macOS 13.5 / BurpSuite 2023.9.3

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 31, 2023 08:18AM UTC

Hi I've just been trying to replicate this here, and I'm not seeing the same issue, so maybe there's something slightly different in the steps I'm taking. If you can reliably replicate this, can you send a screen recording showing the steps you're taking to support@portswigger.net so I can compare this against the steps I'm taking? How many tabs are open within the Collaborator client window when this happens? Can you also send us the output from Help > Diagnostics for your installation, please?

dudez | Last updated: Aug 31, 2023 02:58PM UTC

> How many tabs are open within the Collaborator client window when this happens? Only one tab is present in the Collaborator client window. So i was wanting to make a video of the problem by using a temporary, empty project, but the problem didn't happen there. I re-opened the project i'm working on, and where i was having the problem, but the problem seems to be gone with no apparent reason ???? (i could replicate it consistently IN that project, but switching to a temporary one did something) Since the collaborator tab re-attached to the main window and can close the app gracefully i'll keep an eye if this deviate from this and will report back. Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 31, 2023 03:11PM UTC

Thanks for the update. Please do keep an eye on it and let us know if the issue occurs again. I'll keep an eye open for any other reports as well.

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