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CA Certificate Webpage Is Not Loading in iOS Mobile Device (iOS Version 16.1.2, iPhone 8+)

Clay | Last updated: Mar 22, 2023 04:59PM UTC

Hi All, I am trying to intercept the request from iOS mobile to Burp Suite Community Edition. I have followed all the steps from the official website and also gone through a few youtube videos, but still I am finding it difficult to load the "http://burp" on mobile, it is not loading and it browser displays "The site can't be reached". Request you all to help me with my issue. I have set the port, configured to all interfaces, saved it and it was running. Made changes in the wifi setting in iphone but still facing the problem [*Both devices are connected to the same Wifi]

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 23, 2023 09:12AM UTC

Hi Clay, Is there definitely connectivity between the device and machine that Burp is installed on (and vice versa)? It is not an equivalent test but can you successfully ping the IP of the device from the Burp machine and do the same from the device to the machine (you might need to use an app to do this on iOS)? In addition to the above, is there a possibility that you have a firewall blocking the connection from the device to the machine (typically, this normally happens with Windows based machines)?

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