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BurpSuite Enterprise - Agent does not use upstream proxy server

Oliver | Last updated: Oct 23, 2018 01:12PM UTC

Hi everyone, I am currently evaluating Burp Enterprise. I installed all components on the same machine. On this machine I need to use a proxy to reach the Internet. This proxy listens on the loopback interface. I've successfully configured the enterprise server to use the proxy, allowing me to activate the product. However, when I start a scan, the agent finishes quickly with 7 unsuccessful requests. I checked the log of the proxy which does not contain any connect requests for the target site. Moreover, I checked the agent's log which contains the following: Task 3: Failed to connect to <hostname replaced> [b] Burp shutting down due to FORBIDDEN response [b] On top of that, tcpdump sees only direct request to the target site. So, it seems the agent does not inherit the proxy settings of the enterprise server and tries to connect directly. I also tried to configure the upstream proxy in the scan settings by uploading this config snippet but it didn't work: { "user_options":{ "connections":{ "upstream_proxy":{ "servers":[ { "destination_host":"*", "enabled":true, "proxy_host":"", "proxy_port":3128 } ] } } } } Can you tell me how to get the agent to use the proxy? Thanks in advance. Regards, Oliver

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Oct 23, 2018 01:39PM UTC

Hi Oliver, The proxy settings in Burp Enterprise are used only by the enterprise server, not the agents or scanners. If you configure and test the proxy using Burp Desktop, then you can export the working configuration and upload it into Burp Enterprise, then apply the configuration to the sites for which it is required. If you have a working configuration in Burp Desktop that isn't functioning correctly with Burp Enterprise then let us know what versions of each product you are using and we will investigate for you.

Burp User | Last updated: Oct 24, 2018 01:31PM UTC

Hi Craig, Thanks for your answer. I managed to get it working. The problem was that I used the upstream proxy settings of the user options but only the settings of the project options are honored. Regards, Oliver

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