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Burp Suite Repeater not working

Darryle | Last updated: Jan 06, 2024 04:22AM UTC

I am running Burp Suite on Kali Linux via an Oracle Virtual Box instance on Windows 11. Following the labs when I send a request to the Repeater and then press Send, no response ever comes back. I did get a warning message on startup saying I'm using a untested version of JRE (17.0.9). Is this a known issue and/or is there a known fix/workaround? Thanks, Darryle

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 08:59AM UTC

Thanks for getting in touch. If you send a request from the Proxy History to the Repeater tab and send it without making any changes, do you get a response? For the request that does not get a response, are any errors displayed at the bottom of the Repeater tab or in the event log on Burp's Dashboard? What changes were made to the request before sending it?

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