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Burp Suite Professional. Proxy Listeners not working

Elias | Last updated: Apr 08, 2021 01:55PM UTC

Hi Proxy Listeners section in my Interface (, Running Check Box is not checked, I tried to click the CheckBox but it shows that another app is using the port. However. I did a netstat -ano and no other app is running in this port. Also I have changed the port to 8081 or 9090, etc, and it is still not working. Hence. I can't use the browser to navigate within the website to identify vulnerabilities. I am able to use Burp as a scanner only. Also I have uninstalled Burp Pro, also delete the folder and reinstall it, but It does not work. Could somebody provide a solution please? Regards

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Apr 09, 2021 09:06AM UTC

Hi Elias, I have just responded to the email that you sent us on this matter. Sharing information is going to be easier via email so we will await your response there.

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