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Burp Suite Community Edition - HTTP history shows wrong request

Shaxic | Last updated: May 21, 2022 09:11AM UTC

Hi, i'm using burp suite community edition v2022.2.4 on ubuntu 20.04.4LTS, the issue is when i edit a request when intercepting, for example the request body contains this: "idg=shakhsgaewcxvbz_eagvz2_egbvbvaa-hababa", i change it to: "idg=hhhhhRRRR", after forwarding the request, when i want to see the HTTP history section, the specified request in HTTP history shows the request as i didn't change it, it shows "idg=shakhsgaewcxvbz_eagvz2_egbvbvaa-hababa" again. the forwarding request changes correctly, only in HTTP history shows as it didn't change. is it OK and its working as portswigger wanted to, or it can be fixed?

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 23, 2022 09:48AM UTC

Hi, If you look at the request in the HTTP history section within Burp, is the request itself entitled 'Original request' and is there a drop down menu option next to this that allows you to change the view so that you can see the 'Edited request'?

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