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Burp Suit Enterprise edition installation - Getting 404 error

Kamalakar | Last updated: Feb 23, 2021 08:18AM UTC

I have installed a burp suit on once of my company server. After installation - when I open burp suit I am getting 404 pages not found a message from the browser. Message is : {"code":1,"error":"HTTP 404 Not Found"} Verified : 1. Burp Suit service & agent running on Services. 2. Burp suit web server is listening on the given port. Please advice how can I resolve this issue.

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Feb 23, 2021 11:21AM UTC

Hi, What address and port have you configured Burp Enterprise to run on and what URL are you using to try and access it? Are you trying to access Burp on the same machine that you have installed it on?

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