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Burp Keep Asking for License

Ayoub | Last updated: Sep 22, 2022 03:57PM UTC

Hello Team It appears that burpsuite keeps prompting me to enter the license each time I logged in into burpsuite, I'm using my organization key and I'm using Mac M1 with latest version Hope to have some insight Cheers

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Sep 23, 2022 08:51AM UTC

Hi, Are you able to send us an email at support@portswigger.net and include the following information: - The first six characters from the license key that you are using - Which version of Burp you are using when you observe this behaviour (I presume you are using Burp Professional but are you using the latest stable or latest early adopter version)? - Is there anything unusual about the machine that you are using Burp on? - Are you logging into the Mac with the same machine user each time you try and use Burp?

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