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Burp Enterprise older JRE version

Sindhoor | Last updated: Oct 08, 2021 03:07PM UTC

Hello, We're currently running the latest version of burp enterprise and have set it to automatic update. We've scans indicating the agent and the enterprise installations making use of older JRE version 1.9.0_4. Having dug a bit deeper, I also noticed there are OpenJDK JRE version of 1.11.x. I'm not sure if the older JRE is of previous older installations. Could you clarify what's the latest JRE version the Enterprise edition makes use of? And if it's okay to clean up the older versions if it doesn't make use of it. Thanks.

Maia, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Oct 08, 2021 04:25PM UTC

Hi, Thank you for your message. The majority of Burp Enterprise is running on Java 11, however, there is still one small part running on Java 9, therefore this cannot be cleaned up. We will be updating the remaining component and cleaning this up in the future. New installations are using Java 11 only and you can remove the dependency on version 9 by running the installer manually which will reinstall Burp Enterprise using your current settings.

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