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Burp Community Running on LINUX VM on a M1 Mac (cannot run embedded browser)

Jennifer | Last updated: Mar 16, 2023 07:39PM UTC

Does this work yet? I have searched the forums, saw some traffic for 2022...and cannot tell. It seems to install okay but I am running into proxy issues. So I decided to try the embedded browser. This does not work... The healthcheck gives me this: Initiating health check Checking platform supported Success Checking browser binaries Success Checking browser dependencies Success Checking headless browser Warning Checking headless browser Error Aborting checks due to errors. net.portswigger.devtools.client.impl.connection.local.f: Failed to read dev tools web socket Thank you!

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 17, 2023 09:28AM UTC

HI Jennifer, To give you some background on this - the embedded browser is a modified version of the Chromium browser. The issue that you are experiencing is due to the fact that we do not currently supply a Linux ARM64 compatible binary file for the browser so when you try and launch it, it will fail. The good news is that we have now added providing specific Linux ARM64 to our 2023 development roadmap so, all being well, this should be carried out at some point this year. In the interim, you should still be able to use an external browser to proxy your traffic - you mentioned you might be having issues with this, are you able to provide us with some details so that we can try and resolve this for you?

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