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Burp Collaborator Support for Proxy Protocol

Phill | Last updated: Aug 04, 2023 10:23AM UTC

When a private Burp Collaborator server is deployed behind a load balancer, for example, in a Kubernetes cluster, the source IP address of requests displayed in Burp will be the IP address of the load balancer rather than the original client. Many load balancers, including AWS and DigitalOcean, support Proxy Protocol, which adds the client IP address to the start of TCP/UDP packets, to relay the client IP address through the load balancer. Would it be possible to add support for Proxy Protocol in Burp Collaborator to support scenarios where it is deployed behind a load balancer? https://github.com/haproxy/haproxy/blob/master/doc/proxy-protocol.txt https://www.haproxy.com/blog/use-the-proxy-protocol-to-preserve-a-clients-ip-address

Dominyque, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 04, 2023 12:24PM UTC

Hi I have had a chat about this with our developers, and they have confirmed that this feature request would not be feasible due to the architecture of the Burp Collaborator. We do have a cloud-native approach available. You can read about it here: https://portswigger.net/blog/a-modern-elastic-design-for-burp-collaborator-server.

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