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Burp Bounty (Scan Check Builder) not working on version v1.7.37 & 2.X.X

יובל | Last updated: Mar 16, 2020 08:54PM UTC

Hi, ---- I opened this case also on github Burp Bounty ---- I spent many hours trying to make it work without success. I have tested many versions from Java v1.8.X and I am using Scan Check Builder v3.0.5\6. Most of the time scanner not yield anything in PASSIVE mode and when I using ACTIVE mode, its not firing any payloads. It is only send the payloads when I using the default profiles. If I try to make a new profile from scratch or even change any exist profile, it stop work. Another bug: In profile definition and in profile manager when I try to customize or change an exist profile, it become duplicated in profile manager, If I try to delete a profile from the button (Remove) its not work at all. Last thing, I didnt receive any bugs from Java or from the output in the extender. Thanks.

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 17, 2020 08:53AM UTC

Hi Thank you for reporting this. Extensions are written by third party users of Burp, and PortSwigger Web Security makes no warranty about their quality or usefulness for any particular purpose. It is the responsibility of the extension author to maintain their extension and notify us if they have any updates to make. As you have already raised this as an issue on the authors GitHub, there is not much more we can do on our end I'm afraid. It may be that they are using a deprecated function, in which case, you should see an entry in your event log on the dashboard.

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