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joseph | Last updated: Feb 15, 2020 07:26PM UTC

Am having a problem with my chrome browser Version 79.0.3945.117 running on windows 8.1 after installing the burp certificates on chrome browser and setting my proxy corresponding with the Burp suite's proxy,it doesn't still works when i try browsing it'd pop up a message saying "the connection is not secured" but if i remove the proxy and set it back to default it browses without any error

Uthman, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Feb 17, 2020 08:48AM UTC

Hi, That error usually indicates an issue with the certificate. Please re-generate it and install it again using the instructions here: https://portswigger.net/support/installing-burp-suites-ca-certificate-in-chrome. Please update to the latest version (80.0.3987.106) of Chrome too.

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