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Browser not opening in Professional v2021.5.2

Chris | Last updated: Jun 10, 2021 08:13AM UTC

Hello, I am currently running v2021.5.2 on windows. When I try to run inbuilt chromium browser, I am getting the following error message: net.portswigger.devtools.client.s: unable to start browser I had a look at the embedded browser check and looks as though it's missing a manifest, is there a way I can reinstall this? Chris

Uthman, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jun 10, 2021 08:45AM UTC

Hi Chris, Thanks for reporting this. Can you please replicate the issue and email support@portswigger.net with the below? - Diagnostics (Help > Diagnostics) - Steps to replicate - Did you perform an update to 2021.5.2? If so, from which version? - Output of the embedded browser health check (accessible from the Help menu) - Are you using the platform version? (.exe) or the JAR?

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