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batch options import/paste

Douglas | Last updated: Jul 05, 2022 02:08PM UTC

Hey there It would be possible to add a feature to allow batch (via import or just paste) options settings? use case: Need to add lots of domains to the "Intercept Client Requests" option as a intercept if not match: hotjar.com google-analytics.com connect.facebook.net facebook.com doubleclick.net mozilla.com googleapis.com mozilla.net Sometimes we have tons of analytics domains and other marketing features that are just painful to intercept and forward all of them at every request, and it's terrible to add one by one in the options. Thanks

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jul 05, 2022 03:39PM UTC

Thanks for your message. Have you tried using the Target Scope settings (https://portswigger.net/burp/documentation/desktop/tools/target/scope) to see if this would help in your scenario? You could either include the URLs you are interested in or include all URLs and then exclude the list of URLs you don't want to intercept) and then use Proxy -> Options -> Intercept Client Requests to match 'URL is in Target Scope'.

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