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Auditing. More than 10 days remaining

SINGH | Last updated: Jun 08, 2021 06:50AM UTC

We have Burp Pro licensed version Triggering Scan from rest API using PowerShell script leading to Status: Auditing. More than 10 days remaining , when we supply the same url for scan manually it completes in 30 mins. But whenever we are triggering through rest api using powershell script its giving us 10days remaining status and stuck. Kindly help us to resolve this issue. Let us know if we can schedule a call to demo this issue if required. Thanks, Rahul Singh 7799661219

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jun 08, 2021 09:53AM UTC

Hi Rahul, If you remove the PowerShell aspect from your workflow and trigger the scan purely from the REST API does the scan behave in the same way as a manually initiated scan or do you still see issues during the audit phase (you should be able to interact with the REST API directly if you navigate to in a browser whilst Burp Professional is running - if not, check the settings that you have under User options -> Misc -> REST API within Burp)?

SINGH | Last updated: Jun 08, 2021 06:03PM UTC

Hi Ben, Thanks for your reply, I tried the scenario requested by you, triggering scan manually using rest api. It shows the same issue "Auditing. More than 10 days remaining". Still seeing the issue at audit phase. Kindly help . We are from India time zone. (GMT+5:30) Thanks, Rahul Singh

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jun 09, 2021 09:26AM UTC

Hi Rahul, Are you able to email us at support@portswigger.net and provide us with the JSON that you are using to initiate the scan using the REST API? In addition, when the scan is happening is this the only scan that is running within your Burp Professional instance or are you carrying out numerous tasks? I just want to check that when you test this manually and when you initiate this using the REST API that the same conditions are in place in both scenarios.

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