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Application Scan Version Number in Sites

Kahn | Last updated: Jan 09, 2024 04:12PM UTC

When creating a site in Burp Enterprise, is there a way to next subsequent versions of that application under the same site, but with the version number differentiating the scans?

Maia, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jan 10, 2024 01:39PM UTC

Thank you for your message. We don't provide this exact functionality at the moment. However, you could create a new site for revised versions and put the version number in the site name. You could also have a dedicated folder for those sites and set some of the configuration at the folder level. We would love to hear more about your use case. For example, are you trying to separate/track site configuration changes or mark when the target application version changes? Would the ability to tag sites or flag configuration changes help with your requirements?

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