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any way to bypass preflighted XHR request in a CSRF attack?

Zonduhackerone | Last updated: Dec 09, 2019 11:20AM UTC

Hello, i found a website where they have as a CSRF protection CORS and a short custom header (without token - just a header that is for all users). i found a way to bypass the CORS protection but when trying to reproduce the vulnerability i need to add the custom header too. The header is like --> something: v2 So it doesn't have a token or anything, but when adding it in the XHR PoC generated by burp suite pro i get the request preflighted and going as OPTIONS. is there any way to bypass this? I think there is a way because if not, all websites should add a small custom header in all requests to be protected against CSRF.

Mike, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Dec 10, 2019 10:26AM UTC

Hi, Could you clarify if you are asking if there is any way to prevent the Preflight Request when submitting the XHR PoC from the browser?

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