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Allow selecting multiple levels when doing the Mystery Labs

Trevor | Last updated: Feb 16, 2023 03:55PM UTC

I would like to do Mystery labs at both the apprentice and practitioner levels, but I am only allowed to pick one or the other. Please allow the ability to select multiple levels. Along the same lines, it would be cool if I could select multiple categories.

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Feb 17, 2023 01:49PM UTC

Hi Trevor, Thank you for this. We do have an existing feature idea to implement this type of functionality. The idea being that, which is what it sounds like you are looking for, the user would have greater control on selecting which Mystery Labs would be generated (so being able to select one or more difficulty level and/or one or more lab topic). We are currently monitoring the demand but I will certainly add your interest to this so that we can keep track going forward.

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