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Ability to fetch the matched value by an issue

Tristan | Last updated: Oct 13, 2023 10:43PM UTC

Hi, Would it be possible to implement a function that would allow us within a custom extension to grab the "matched" information of the issues of a target. Eg Outdated JS libraries in use issue appears on a target, when you click on this issue you can navigate over to HTTP Response and press the "Match" button to see the version number it has matched. Would be really useful if we could pull that information into an extension. Thanks

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Oct 16, 2023 09:43AM UTC

Hi. To clarify, you would like to use an extension to retrieve the highlighted data from within HTTP requests and responses raised by an issue? This should be possible with the Montoya API. You can register a context menu item that acts on AuditIssues, retrieve the HTTP requests and responses from there, then retrieve the markers associated with the request/responses to extract out the data. For more information on getting started with the Montoya API, please check out our documentation. You can find this here: https://portswigger.net/burp/documentation/desktop/extensions/creating

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