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Unable to connect the DB

bala | Last updated: Aug 23, 2019 07:00AM UTC

First time is allowed to login. However second time try to login using the same credential. It's not allowed login. Used to the default database for burp suite.

Liam, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 23, 2019 07:19AM UTC

If possible, we'd like some further information on your installation. Please get back to us with the following: The Burp Suite Enterprise version. The operating system on which you installed Burp Suite Enterprise. The database type and version you are using. Whether the Enterprise Agent installations are on the same machine on which you installed Burp Suite Enterprise, or elsewhere. The log files: By default these are in C:\ProgramData\BurpSuiteEnterpriseEdition on Windows and /var/log/BurpSuiteEnterpriseEdition/ on Linux. There is a separate log file for each day, and the current day's log file doesn't contain a date. If you can, please replicate the issue then send us the latest log files. You can send any information to support@portswigger.net. Thanks.

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