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Burpsuite Hangs after sending lots of repeater requests

Quentin | Last updated: Nov 20, 2020 02:48PM UTC

In burpsuite community edition, after sending lots of requests in the repeater tab, my burpsuite hung. I sent a bad login request to repeater then hit send a bunch of times to test the application's lockout policy. To my surprise after sending over 100 requests quite fast my burpsuite became unresponsive and I couldn't reload the site. However, I was able to visit other sites. I then went to the site in a different browser and it loaded just fine; the site also loaded fine when I disconnected from the proxy. I have tried this 3 times and it has occurred all 3 times I tried it. I am using the latest burpsuite on linux.

Liam, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 23, 2020 02:22PM UTC

To help us investigate this problem, please can you email us your debug ID (at Options / Misc / Performance Feedback), and we will check whether we have any errors logged for your instance of Burp.

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