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Burp suite Login Recorder

Aditya | Last updated: Jul 23, 2021 05:00PM UTC

Using the Burp suite login recorder to records a login sequence and is it possible to have a wait of 10 seconds between the steps. Like once a username is entered a transition occurs and then moves to the password page. So is it possible to wait for a certain period of time before the login recorded sequence enters the password?

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jul 26, 2021 07:40AM UTC

Hi Aditya, Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to configure a delay into a recorded login sequence. We have had, however, several of our users ask for this ability so we do have an existing feature request for this functionality. I will add your interest to this particular request so that we can accurately monitor the demand for it and our developers can prioritise their resources accordingly. If this feature does get implemented in a future Burp release then we will update this forum thread and let you know.

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